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Travel Essentials

When traveling it can be hard to remember what to bring and what you think you may need on the trip! I am going to tell you guys what I usually bring with me on trips to stay on track with my health and wellness journey.

It really depends on the type of trip I am going on and where I am staying. If I am staying in a house with a kitchen then I bring all the goods guys! My number one item I bring is my Further Foods Collagen Peptides because if you want to see the amazing benefits of collagen you have to be consistent. I prefer Further Foods collagen over the famous Vital Proteins because first of all it is less expensive for essentially the same thing. So why pay more? I buy my collagen off Amazon because its cheaper! I noticed when making this blog post that Vital Proteins is on sale right now and they are actually practically the same price by ounce! I am really shocked and realize I am contradicting myself, but I want to real with you guys! So I might try Vital Proteins when my Further Foods runs out if its still on sale! I will do a post on, which I prefer soon. I love collagen because the benefits are endless! For example, its great for your skin, nails, gut health, joints, weight loss, and anti aging! Don’t those benefits sound so frickin’ awesome. I know I don’t need to worry about anti aging right now because I am only 16, but I mean it can’t hurt ahahah! Our skin is 70% collagen and our collective tissue is 90% collagen, but once we reach the age 21 our collagen levels decrease so it is important to replace that collagen lost by putting collagen in our everyday lives. I usually put collagen in my smoothies, oats, and pancakes/waffles. This whole spiel is why I bring collagen with me every where I go and its totally worth using up some of your room in your suitcase ahah!

The next item I have at least everyday so that means in the suitcase it goes when I travel is MCT oil! I get my MCT oil from the famous Bulletproof company on Amazon .

Amazon is the place for all the healthy goods for better prices and it comes to your house so fast! I finally got along the bulletproof bandwagon and I am so happy I did! I am not an expert on MCT oil, but what I know its great for a good source of fats since its made from coconut oil. The benefits are endless like its supports energy metabolism at the cellular level, which means it gives you great energy to conquer your day. Many people have their bulletproof in their morning coffee, matcha, or sympathies to jump start the day! I like to add mine to smoothies, matchas, and oatmeal. I love to bring this on trips because of corse I want to have awesome energy on the trip so I can walk around for hours without getting extremely exhausted! I have noticed with myself that I have been getting extremely exhausted and the day has just begun like whats up with that? Ever since I have been taking this oil ( 1 tsp a day ) I can go on 3-4 hikes everyday and not be exhausted during the hike, which is awesome because hiking brings me so much joy! Especially in Telluride, Colorado where I am right now:) So I highly recommend this product if you notice you have low energy or just want to see its benefits!

The next product is Ellie’s Nut Milk bag to make homemade nut milk because whats better? I got it from Amazon and its on insane sale its 8 dollars, but it originally was 25 dollars like what thats crazy! I like to bring the bag when I am staying at a house so I can make homemade almond milk because its cheaper and tastes better! I use almond milk in everything from baking to matcha lattes and smoothies of course!



The next item is a new find I found at sprouts when I was overwhelmed by all the protein powders and i didn’t know where to begin! Do you guys know the feeling? My dilemma is I don’t want to buy a huge protein powder tub and end up hating it then be stuck with a bunch of barely used protein tubs. Also they are kinda expensive especially if you do not use it ahahah! Okay I am getting off track here so now what I do is I get the sample sizes of all the different protein powders or veggie powders. So then I can try all the flavors and see which is my favorite. Also you won’t have to bring a big tub of protein powder when you travel its a win win! I grabbed three protein veggie powders to test (as you can tell from the opened packet ahahah ) and so far I think I like them, but I am still going to test more to see if there are better options!

Lastly, of course you gotta bring a book when you travel! I bought this book because I saw a recommendation from a fellow foodie! I haven’t started it yet, but will let you know what I think about it soon! I was curious about this book because I have leaky gut I guess you could say from my ulcerative colitis. I am all about helping my shitty gut (literally and figuratively if you know what I mean💩) sorry TMI, but a blog is personal so I am being personal. I will jump at any opportunity to help my gut! The next book I think I will read is Intuitive Eating because I have heard it is really helpful to find balance with food. I am still struggling with this, but I believe I am improving everyday and thats all you can hope for, right?! 

Anyways guys hoped you enjoy and let me know if you liked me sharing other things besides recipes!

As always Bon Appetite,


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    What a great idea to discuss items that a person should take when traveling to preserve and enhance their health and well being. I appreciated your analysis and recommendations regarding each of the products.

    August 3, 2017 at 11:32 am Reply
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