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    It seems like Postinos is taking over Arizona! Everywhere I look there is a new Postino’s location, which I am definitely not complaining about. There are Postino’s within five minutes from me. I love everything from Postinos you can not go wrong ordering there!

    I always get the Brushetta from Postino’s because it is amazing and there are so many different options to choose from. My top four favorites are the Almond Hummus with Chopped Tomato, Ricotta with Dates & Pistachios, Salami with Pesto, & Prosciutto with Figs & Mascarpone. These are personally the best on the menu and always ask what the seasonal Brushetta is because they are usually amazing. A tip I have for you is that you should ask for the bread to be skinned, which means they do half the amount of bread. This tip makes the Brushetta healthier and in my opinion better because before it was too much bread, overwhelming, and took over the toppings.


    I also enjoyed the Hannah Fields Salad (Kale, quinoa, Fuji apple, apricot, toasted almonds, pecorino stagionato, and pickled red onion with apple cider-mustard vinaigrette) this salad is a very light, flavorful, and bright salad.

    Another really yummy dish to order to share with people is their NYC Grilled Cheese(With Sierra Nevada mustard, ketchup and pesto) the cheese so is delicious it melts in your mouth! Their Paninis are delicious and the bread is very fresh.

    Their Chocolate Bouchon (With CHURN vanilla bean ice cream) dessert is one of my favorite desserts. The Bouchon is like a lava cake it is melt in your mouth delicious. I am obsessed with it! You must get it if you are a chocolate lover.

    Go check out Postinos to see what all the hype is about it is innovative and delicious.

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