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PALEO Sweet Potato Waffles!

Yes I said it peeps you can have waffles and vegetables all in one! This recipe was only 5 ingredients whattt!! I honestly love sweet potatoes so much and I will have them any time of day!! This recipe would also be a great meal prep item that you can just heat up in the morning or you could make it savory by adding an egg and spinach…. omg now I am craving that!!

Now I will get on with the recipe because I know that’s why your here😏


1/2 of a sweet potato

2 tablespoons of coconut flour

1 scoop of collagen(optional, but if you don’t use collagen add 1 more tablespoon of coconut flour)

1 egg

1 tsp of cinnamon


1. Bake your sweet potato at 400 F for 20 min and brush some coconut oil on it and poke holes into it with a fork!

2. Once sweet potato is baked let it cool for 10 min then shred it and you can keep skin on or off!

3. Combine in a bowl with all of the other ingredients!

4. Then put that bad boy in a waffle iron and let him cook!

5. I like to top mine with fresh berries, cacao nibs and of course maple syrup!!

Enjoy babes,

Zoë aka genzfoodië


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