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NYC Healthy Eats

Here we go I am going to dive right into my favorite healthy eats in NYC…

Cha Cha Matcha

The name says it all you will do the Cha Cha when you have the matcha! Honeslty the best matcha I have ever had it was naturally sweet because the matcha was so pure. Not to mention the matcha art was killer absolutely loved it! I got the chai matcha latte and next time I want to try their Matcha soft serve!

Chloe’s Soft Serve

It is pressed freeze in a coconut ahha! To be honest with you guys, which I always am I prefer Pressed Freeze ANY DAY over Chloe’s Soft Serve. I am not saying its bad, but pressed freeze is a lot better and you get more bang for your buck! Also pressed freeze has better ingredients in my point of view because Chloe’s uses cane sugar, which is better than white processed sugar, but pressed uses dates as an all natural sweetener. Also the toppings are better at pressed. But here is a yummy pic of my chocolate banana soft serve in a coconut with chocolate sauce, coconut shavings, and granola!

Pressed Freeze

The famous pressed freeze as I briefly talked about above. Honestly I crave it daily… no HOURLY. If you have not had pressed freeze yet girllllllll (or guy hahah) you need it in your life. I so wish they had a location in AZ because that is where my paychecks would be going trust me. I always get the large no matter what because I only get it 3 times a year so you better believe I am gong all out! I finally got to try the strawberry and the matcha flavor and you guysss seriously so amazing. If I had to choose my favorite combo is the size 2 with strawberry and chocolate with cacao drizzle, strawberries, blueberries, and chocolate nibs! I have honestly considered smuggling pounds and pounds of pressed freeze on the plane in my suitcase…. If I haven’t convinced you yet I can write a book for you on why you need to go ASAP.

Sweet Green

I am sure many of you have heard of Sweet Green because it is so killer and I wish I had a location in AZ. Best togo salad place in my opinion. I would have their salads everyday for school because its so dang good! Just go try it yourself!

Loco Coco

YOU GUYS I go loco for some loco coco! There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best acai bowl I have ever had IN MY LIFE! I would never lie to you guys so all I need to say is… go get yourself a purple rain from Loco Coco. Mic dropped…

Bluestone Lane

What an amazing place! I met up with the @thewholesomebanana seriously the sweetest girl and you should hit her up! We seriously got way too much food, but thats what foodie friends are for! We got their classic avocado smash, which is unreal. The BANANA BREAD hands down my favorite of all time! I got the matcha, which was frickin’ beautiful! I have also had their beetroot latte, which is new favorite type of latte and you NEED to get it! I am going to make my own version, which I will post the recipe to soon. Hannah got a breakfast bowl with salmon, which looked killer! You just need to go there now like pack up your bags and runnnnn!

Two Hands

I needed two hands to eat my killer avocado toast from Two Hands! It is an australin restaurant, which is absolutely amazing. When I say australis restaurant I mean Australians created it, but it has normal american food, which is to die for! PS Cha Cha Matcha is right next door!

Hu Kitchen

I LOVEEEE everything that Hu Kitchen stands for! They believe we should eat how humans are made to without anything artificial! All of their desserts are must especially the chocolate!

Spring Bone

Lastly one of my favs, which also has the same modo as Hu Kitchen! The whole vibe in there is amazing! All of the food is amazing especially their chicken bone broth soooo much flava! I really like the zoodle spaghetti it was so amazing with their lamb meatballs!

That is everywhere I went but of course the list still goes on because there are so many restaurants in NYC! So I have some more restaurants I want to go to so I will share with you my on going list…

De Maria

Dr. Smood

Coco Cru

Sunday in Brooklyn

Chill House



Bowery Market

Little Collins

Hope you guys check out some of these delicious places! If you do let me know by tagging #genzfoodienyceats 😉

As always;

Bon appétit,

Genzfoodië ❤

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