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My Favorite Health Food Products!


Purely Elizabeth Granola

Eating Evolved

-carmel coconut cups

-roasted sweet and salty coconut butter

-72% chocolate for baking and snacking

Bobs Red Mill

-paleo pancake mix

Vital Proteins

-collagen peptides

-dark chocolate blackberry collagen

-matcha collagen

Pearl Butter

Georgia Grinders

-cashew butter

-maple carmel almond butter

-pecan butter

-to-go almond butter packs


-lime tortilla chips

-all of their tortillas

Simple Mills

-pancake mix

-sea salt crackers

-banana bread mix

Primal Kitchen

-honey mustard dressing

-balsamic dressing

Coconut Cult

-coconut cream

Mikeys Paleo Bread

-english muffins

Health Ade Kombucha


-Green Grape

-Granny Smith Apple

Perfect Bar

-dark chocolate Almond

-Almond butter


Bon appétit,

Genzfoodië ❤


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