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    Pita Jungle’s NEW Seasonal Menu!

    I have been going to Pita Jungle ever since I could remember! It’s a convenient Mediterranean restaurant that has some many fresh and healthy options. I was so happy when I got an email from them asking me to try their new seasonal menu because I have always absolutely loved Pita Jungle! Okay lets talk about everything and anything about their new seasonal menu.

    The main deal with their new seasonal menu is they added a bunch of superfoods to their new bowls. This is awesome because I love when restaurants continue to expand the health benefits of their dishes. With the menu its five different bowls that you can add what seems to be an unlimited amount of protein options, which I love!

    Here is a picture of the seasonal menu:

    My dad and I enjoyed the Crouching Kale & Hidden Berry Bowl with the crispiest of salmons on top! This was the perfect crunchy and sweet salad bowl that had the best dressing. We also enjoyed the Avocado & Garbanzo Southwest Bowl with their amazing chicken! This bowl was so filling because it had so many great components to it. I love being able to customize my bowl, which is new to their menu.

    If you get the chance to try it you won’t be disappointed and you will defiently have some leftover because their portions are huge, which is awesome! Thank you so much to Pita Jungle for the great meal and to the staff that was great!