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    GenZ Salmon Recipe

    The most popular recipe & food on my page is without a doubt salmon! If you follow me on Instagram you know all I eat is salmon. I may turn into a salmon one day and I wouldn’t complain!

    The main reason I eat salmon (besides how crispy and delicious it is) is because…

    1. Extremely rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids (help keep your heart healthy by protecting the health of your blood vessels)

    2. Great source of protein

    3. High in B vitamins, potassium , & selenium

    My favorite salmon that I buy is from Whole Foods and it’s the Atlantic salmon and it is always on sale for $9.99 for a pound, which isn’t too bad I get 2 fillets from that. This salmon is on the thicker side! The second salmon that I buy is from Trader Joe’s and it’s their Wild Atlantic salmon bbq cut salmon and the price is pretty comparable to Whole Foods! And this salmon is on the thinner side.

    Okay now let’s get on with how to make my crispy af salmon!



    Olive oil or avocado oil

    Sea salt


    Lemon or Honey


    1. If your salmon is thick then you will need to bake it off in the oven at 420F. So preheat your oven at this time if your salmon is thick.

    2. Heat up a skillet at medium to high heat with NO oil at first.

    3. While skillet is heating up season your salmon with sea salt and pepper.

    4. Test to see if your skillet is hot enough by splashing a little bit of water(put a little bit of water in your hand) on it. You will know it’s hot enough if the water disappears fast and if it takes 10 sec or more to disappear then let your skillet heat up until the water disappears in 5 or less seconds.

    5. Once the pan is hot enough put about 3 tablespoons of olive oil in the skillet or enough to cover the skillet in a nice layer of oil.

    6. Swirl your skillet around so that the oil is coated everywhere on the skillet.

    7. On the same heat put the salmon skin side up on to the skillet.

    8. Let it crisp up for about 5 min or until you see a small crust start to form.

    9. If salmon is thick then pop it into the oven for 8-10 min or until it is cooked to desired wellness.

    10. If salmon is thin then you might be able to finish cooking on the skillet by flipping to skin side down.

    11. I usually squeeze some fresh lemon juice on my salmon once it’s done cooking or if I am in a sweet and salty mood then I add a drizzle of local honey!

    Hope you guys found this helpful! If you make my salmon make sure to tag me @genzfoodie or use my hashtag #genzsalmon so I can see your beautiful crispy salmons😊


    Zoë (genZfoodië) 💛