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    My Experience With Silver Fern Probiotics

    I am sure many of you have heard of or seen the prebiotic & probiotic by the Silver Fern Brand all over social media. I know I have and was extremely skeptical of the product because I wasn’t sure if people were just paid to endorse the product and do not truly believe in it.

    I didn’t take the leap of faith to try it until shutthekaleup posted about it. When she posted about it she listed all of the symptoms she had before taking it and how they all diminished while taking this pill. The symptoms she had were practically word for word my symptoms so I thought why not I mean it can’t hurt to try! And I am incredibly happy that I took the leap it paid off😊

    I have Ulcerative Colitis, which comes with many stomach problems so I have to be a probiotic fien. I was taking a probiotic that was catered to UC, which was definitely making a difference, but I still had unsettled digestion, which is extremely uncomfortable.
    I really trust what shutthekaleup says because I know she won’t post anything that she doesn’t believe in! When shutthekaleup posted about Silver Fern she also gave some very compelling facts about why Silver Fern. I am going to quote her on her post instagram post, “80% of our ENTIRE immune system is located in the digestive tract. so many people with health issues don’t realize that it stems from their gut! @silverfernbrand has locked it down with their product. 95% of probiotics don’t make it into the intestines alive. this one has been tested and has 100% guaranteed survivability. it also contains a prebiotic to help activate the probiotic bacteria in the intestines which is awesome” (shutthekaleup). When I read the fact about 95% of probiotics don’t make it alive into your intestines like what?! That is their job!!! Then when she says that Silver Fern has a 100% survivablity in the intestines like how could you not wanna try this?! 🤷🏼‍♀️

    I stopped taking my other probiotics to really see the effects! After 2 weeks my stomach took a 360. My stomach has never felt more at peace it is truly amazing and I am incredibly thankful i started taking the prebiotic & probiotic! My stomach almost feels normal, WHAT?! I can’t believe I can say that because I never in a million years thought I would say that once I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Silver Fern is a miracle worker to say the least.

    My symptoms before Silver Fern: bloating, unsettled stomach, never being able to enjoy food without the aftermath of the upset stomach,&  constipation.

    After: rarely have any bloating, stomach is settled 95% of the time, always enjoying my food because what’s life if you can’t enjoy the food your preach🤔, & very rarely am I constipated!

    My diet before taking was really good, but I wasn’t really thinking of the nutrients I need each day. Once I started Silver Fern I really made sure I was eating well and getting my greens in! I think this also helped my stomach problems, but I give all credit to Silver Fern Prebiotic & Probiotic 😇❤  I linked where you can buy it right there👆🏼 I bought mine on Amazon for a little bit cheaper by buying 2 for $89! Whatta deal!!

    If you can’t tell already I highly recommend taking this pill if you have bad digestion problems or even if you just want to make sure your gut is being properly treated! I hope you guys have a great week full of good food, love, happiness, & some productivity!!

    Bon appétit,

    Genzfoodië ❤