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Boston Food Guide

Hey everyone! Sorry I have not been as present on here, but have been super busy with traveling as you may know if you follow me on Instagram! Continuing on with the theme of traveling; I wanted to share my food guide for my short time in Boston. I consider Boston a second home because my dad grew up there half time and we visit almost every summer. But only in the past two years have I been on the hunt for foodie restaurants! Since I go every summer I am going to keep a running list of all the places have tried and wanna try. Lets get on with the eats 🙂


Mother Juice (Vegan)- 

Located right in the middle of my favorite street in Boston… Newbury Street! This juice smoothie health food cafe is my dream breakfast spot. They juice their juices right in the shop and you can customize your juice order. They also have a great list of smoothies that have amazing ingredients. Then for some more filling options they have a variety of toasts, smoothie bowls, oats, & bowls. Lastly they have a great salad menu for lunch or dinner along with some delicious protein balls!

My Recommendations:

Tropical Bananza Smoothie

Kale Yeah Juice

Acai Bowl

Avocado Toast


Jugos (Vegan)-

This fast and go juice spot is tiny and not hard to miss because of the vibrant colors and fruits outside. Its right next to the train station so if you are heading out of town you can grab a juice and some avocado toast. The vibes inside are amazing with the loud music blasting! The ingredients are so fresh and there is a huge variety of options to order.

My Recommendations:

Avocado Toast

Kai Bowl

Nantucket Smoothie

Figawi Smoothie


Wanna Try Next Time:

Dig Inn Breakfast

The Juicery 


Sweet Green-

I am sure you guys have heard of Sweet Green because its all over the country! Its the best salad bar known to man well in my opinion. There are so may options to choose from and is so customizable. Which I love because your girl is super picky lol! If I lived in a city with Sweet Green I would do some major damage tot my bank account.

Dig Inn-

My favorite place by far for lunch or dinner! They all about fresh, seasonal, local, and organic ingredients, which is BOMB! I had their amazing carrots the last time I was in Boston and asked this trip if they had any and they said, “Sorry, they are not in season”. Best response ever! You get to completely customize your bowl, which is key.

My Recommendations:

Salmon & Chicken

Roasted Carrots

Radish Salad

Mac & Cheese (trust me just get it)

Sweet Potato

Pesto Sauce

Atlantic Fish Company-

Definitely more of a fancy restaurant, but so worth it! Their bread is insane I legit eat the whole loaf and ask for more! The sourdough is warm and freshly baked and quite possibly heaven. If you are a seafood lover you will fall head over heals in love with this place.

My Recommendations:

Lobster Ravioli

Lobster Roll



Clam Chowder

Eat By Chloe (Vegan)-

One of my fav vegan restaurants by far! They sweet treats are so delicious! The air fried sweet potato fries are so bomb.

My Recommendations:

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sweet Potato Fries

Wanna Try Next Time:




Pressed Juicery-

I am gonna get straight to the point… get yourself a pressed freeze sista!

My Recommendations:

Chocolate & Strawberry Flavor

Chocolate Drizzle & Almond Butter Drizzle

Wanna Try Next Time:

Fomu Ice Cream

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